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Whatever your activity or your ambition, we adapt to your way to work and don’t ask you to change it! Simple, split or subscription payment …? Are you in a risky sector? We have the solutions!

And with IPSave you can also benefit from insurance against chargeback. So what are you waiting?

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Optimized sales

With our technology, your users pay without asking questions!

30s to pay!

This is the average time observed when paying with IPS!


Your customer or the card can come from all over the world, we have no limits!


Highly secure platform, for you and your customers, PCI DSS certification, your funds benefit from the European guarantee up to 100 k €!

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Multilingual technical support

You will be able to chat live with our technical service from your management area, with our chat system, via a dynamic ticket as well as by email.

We can even take care of your integrations on demand, you are connected in real time!

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For all European traders!

We accept to process the transactions of any company of the European Union, including overseas departments and territories **

  • Countries accepted (sellers): EU
  • Buyers: Worldwide
  • KYC validation: 48h maximum
  • + 10B of flows processed!

Payment terminal (POS)

We do not only process online payment, we can also provide you with physical terminals (POS), we can optimize your transaction flow, whatever the size of your business, from the simple entrepreneur to the large multinational!

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Online payment processing & eCom

Thanks to an innovative vision of entrepreneurs determined to revolutionize online payment, we focus our technology so that your customers can pay for their purchases in complete security, in a simple framework, adapted to their habits! A confident future buyer is a buyer now!

We adapt to all types of businesses. Face to face, by phone or even by internet, we provide you with all the tools to make your business more productive.

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Once registered, you can immediately start installing the payment solution and receive payments from your customers. With IPS, you don't waste time, you work at lightning speed!